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Journals/Book of Shadows

Leatherbound Journals

These beautiful hand-crafted genuine leatherbound books are perfect for that special Book of Shadows, or your private Journal.  


Book #1

(9X7 inches, Landscape)


Book #2

(8X6 inches)


Book #3

(6X4 inches)



Gratitude Journals

What are you grateful for?  Spend a few minutes each day taking stock of this and writing it down in your Gratitude Journal.  What do you desire or aspire towards?  What do you want to come into your life?  Write these things down in your Gratitude Journal as though you already have attained them, as though it has already come to pass.  Create positive energy.  Move positive energy towards attaining what you desire in life.  Attract the magickal forces of the Universe in a positive and inspiring way!
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Purchase your Gratitude Journal from the beautiful selections below.

Butterfly Journal


Challenges Journal



Here's a peek at my own private collection of Grimoires, Journals, and magickal writings!

In this video we're going to explore my very private, very large Book of Shadows!

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