Money Spells

1.  Basic Candle Spell & Correspondences
2.  Money Bottle
3.  Keep It Flowing

(1) Basic Candle Spell and Correspondences

  • Day: Thursday
  • Hour: 1st/8th hour after sunrise; 3rd/10th hour after sunset
  • Planet: Jupiter
  • Moon Phase: waxing/to bring money; waning/to banish poverty or debt
  • Color: green
  • Herbs: basil, cloves, mint– money; nutmeg– prosperity; dill– for financial matters regarding children
  • Oil: Prosperity Oil or patchouli
  • Incense: patchouli
  • Stone: aventurine
  • Number: 3
  • Letters: C, L, U
  • Symbols: the rune ‘fehu’ (material wealth/;possessions); triple ring, triformis

*Note: It’s advantageous to use "Drawing Powder" in money spells. I do.

Using the correspondences above, set up your space to do a candle spell, decorating an altar with handfuls of coins; paper money; tokens of prosperity; images of deities that draw abundance; symbols listed above; and anything else that represents “money” and “prosperity” to you. Get your patchouli incense going, and then take a green candle, anoint it with the appropriate oil and roll it in crushed herbs. (Of the herbs listed, mint is the main one I use for money spells.) Write your intentions on a slip of paper and burn it in the flame of the candle. Dispose of the remnants in a manner most fitting to your situation.

You can also use the correspondences above to create a money mojo bag– and be sure to add to this bag coins and paper money. (Like attracts like, remember.)

(2) Money Bottle

Witches’ Bottles are a popular old magic. A bottle is filled with herbs and a variety of other objects connected to an intention. Witches’ bottles are, in essence, a spell sealed within a glass container. In order to bring this magic into fruition, you can do several things with the bottles– some may be buried on your property, depending upon what kind of spell is involved; they can be sat in a conspicuous spot inside your house, like by the front door, and given a gentle little ‘shake’ every now and then to keep the energy alive; or they can be hidden in your home, in a secret spot, so only you know that magic is afoot.

We’re going to create a witches’ bottle here that will send positive energy our way for wealth and prosperity.

Items needed:

  1. A nice sized bottle with a lid
  2. A pinch or handful of rice, dill, and/or poppy seeds– along with a nice batch of mint
  3. A stone of aventurine
  4. Patchouli oil
  5. Coins & a dollar bill

Upon the dollar bill, write in green ink:

“Magic build within this glass, 
Riches flow and come to pass; 
Money magic work for me, 
As I do will, So mote it be.”

After you deposit all of the ingredients in your bottle, screw on the lid and seal it with green wax from your charged candle. Recite this chant as you shake up the bottle and its contents.

Your money bottle can be kept somewhere in your home where it’s close by and handy and you can shake it up every once in a while to re-activate and ignite the energy within; or you can bury your money bottle somewhere on your property, to work in secret.

(3) Keep It Flowing

This is another spell based on hoodoo tradition– gotta’ love it. It’s one of those money spells that won’t make you filthy rich, but it will protect you from running out of money for life’s essentials. (One of these days I’ll come up with a spell to make us filthy rich, until then, this will have to do.)

Items needed:

  1. A small bowl or a decorative container that resonates with your own energy
  2. Salt
  3. Drawing powder
  4. Rice
  5. Crushed mint leaves
  6. An open safety pin– for this spell I could also suggest, in place of a safety pin, a brooch that you will leave open, unclasped. This could be something that resonates with the idea of money, or in my case– I used my grandmother’s brooch, a deceased family member who loved me and who would want me to have all that I needed, a family member who would help me in life any way that she could, and who will help me from the spirit world.

Fill your bowl or open container with a handful or pinch of each of the ingredients listed above, depending on the size of your receptacle, usually an equal amount of every ingredient used. Within the center, place the unclasped safety pin or brooch. If you’ve used a brooch that belonged to a family member, it would be a good idea to include an invocation to this spirit, as well as a thank you for their help.

Keep this bowl in an open place within your home, and when you feel it needs it, refresh the ingredients; perhaps at regular intervals, such as every third full moon.

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