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Let the Magick Find You

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Journaling ~ Tarot Meditations

For years, my favorite way to Tarot Journal was to cozy up to my favorite corner at the kitchen table with a hot cup of coffee, a fountain pen, and my latest journal or notebook, along with my favorite deck of tarot cards.  I would either pull one card at a time and write down interpretations and meditations, or I'd draw three cards at a time, set after set, until I felt the cards stopped talking to me for that session.

I still keep a hand-written tarot journal, and I still will catch one or two meditative mornings a week to immerse myself in the personal study of tarot and my own psyche, but now I'm also going to use this page to record these tarot meditations and journal entries, and I've decided to share them with you.

This is the video I made for the June 2018 
Witch's Corner Newsletter.  In this video
I answer questions about Tarot.

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Delving Into Tarot ~ Frequently Asked Questions

What is the role of a Tarot Reader?
I’m going to start by telling you what a tarot reader is not…A tarot reader is not a mystical mysterious person who’s going to tell you precisely what your future will hold, set in stone, on a particular day or date.  A tarot reader is not someone who will give you instant solutions to your problems.  A tarot reader is not someone who can instantly cure your financial ills or physical disease.
What a tarot reader is…A Tarot Reader is someone with the gift of intuition (clairaudience, clairsentience, clairvoyance– sometimes one or the other, sometimes all three), who will use the esoteric connections and images on a set of cards to look into your life.  It’s a window of your past, your present, with a hint at future possibilities.
Now…What is the role of a Tarot Reader?  Her role is one of spiritual advisor, impromptu counselor, a medium, someone who instigates and controls spirit contact.  A Tarot Reader is also a friend, a shoulder to lean on, a confidant, someone you can spill everything to– knowing that what you say will be kept confidential.  A Tarot Reader is a Life Coach, someone who can view your situation from a distance in order to give you a new perspective.  A Tarot Reader is someone who uses a unique gift to help people live better lives, find reasonable solutions to problems, reconnect with family and friends– or loved ones who have passed.  A Tarot Reader is a conduit between you and The Universe, imparting information that would otherwise never reach you.
I notice you don’t use the term “Fortune Teller”, why not?
I feel the term is archaic, profiling, and inaccurate.  It brings to mind the proverbial turbaned woman in a horse drawn wagon hunched over a crystal ball.
First, as a Tarot Reader, I don’t even begin to promise a clear look at the future.  I have no control over what information will be revealed to me in a tarot reading, or what information I’ll be able to connect with.  When I start a reading, I have no idea what’s coming; I’m often as surprised as my client at the information that is exposed.  The modern Tarot Reader is in tune with the times, in tune with her own spirituality, her own spirit guides, and she’s especially in-tune with her cards.
As a Tarot Reader, do we need to look at ways of empowering the client, of exploring all possibilities?
Absolutely!  And this is so relevant and important where women are concerned.  So many women who come to me for readings have serious relationship issues and are often immersed in abusive relationships.  Not only do they need spiritual esoteric advice for comfort and moral support, they need solid mundane advice for immediate action.  They need to be encouraged to seek protection orders, to seek professional counseling, to seek the assistance of law enforcement to document the problem, sometimes to seek immediately sanctuary in Women’s Shelters.  They need real-world options that will be beneficial to them in the here and now.
Do you think its part of a Tarot Reader’s responsibility to attempt to discuss some alternatives with the client?
Yes.  This falls into line with the previous question.  Often the Tarot Reader is not only inundated with psychic insight, but also gleans a good deal of information and perspective on someone’s issue simply from the vantage point of an outsider.  There have been many times I’ve counseled a client who was attacking a problem and was completely confused by their own inability to find a solution, and this was most often because they were attacking the problem from the wrong direction.  When you’re engrossed and overwhelmed with your own life issues, you often don’t see a solution that is before your very eyes.  This is because your judgment is clouded.  You may have been so overwhelmed by this issue for so long that you can no longer see The Big Picture. You can’t see The Forest Through the Trees…That’s where a Tarot Reader comes into play with a gentle tap on the shoulder, a soft “Wait a minute– let’s look at it this way”.
In terms of people who want to learn the Tarot, how much importance would you place on learning the traditional divinatory meanings of the cards?
I believe it’s very important to learn traditional meanings, to connect with each card through all of its various channels– numerology, astrology, the kabbalah, etc.  There is a worthy tradition, a rich history with the Tarot.  You’ll find that learning the traditional divinatory meanings are going to be invaluable to you, especially if you start out completely unfamiliar with the cards.  It gives you a base, a starting point, a grounding connection.  Once you have this down-pat in your own mind, then be still…shhhh…listen…listen from that quiet place inside your mind.  The cards will begin talking to you.  It’s true.  They do.
What would your advice be for somebody who’s just starting out in their study of the Tarot?
Take your time, don’t rush. Drink in the ambiance, the associations, the energy of each individual card.  Pick one card a day– sleep with it, eat with it, review it, appraise it for yourself to find out what it means To You.  Start with a traditional deck, traditional suits and major arcana. Just like a new friendship, don’t force yourself on the cards, allow the cards to unfold and come to you.
How important is astrology to the Tarot?
Very.  It’s all important.  It’s all connected– everything in the marvelous miraculous esoteric world is connected– tarot, astrology, numerology, metaphysics– it’s all connected.  It’s like a beautiful song, where one measure leads into another; or a beautiful poem, where one stanza rolls into the next.  Put everything together and it will give you The Big Picture of the Universe and Life.
The planets, the zodiac signs, the Houses…everything is significant, everything contains very particular energies and subtle nuances.  Everything speaks to you.
From what I understand, your work with the Tarot also centers on its magickal or mystical applications. Would you mind discussing this aspect of your work?
This question also ties in with the previous one.  For anyone who might not know, the tarot and its energies can be used in the practice of magick and sorcery.  A deck of tarot cards is a living thing– full of specific energies and elements and power.  It’s magick waiting to be unleashed.  It’s like Dorothy coming to the end of the Yellow Brick Road and finding herself at Oz.  It’s every “Aha!” moment you’ve ever had in life.  The immensity of just what the images on a deck of tarot cards encompasses is surreal.  This energy can be used, directed, incorporated in several kinds of magick– from candle spells, to mojo bags, to Magickal-Altars-For-A-Purpose.  Seize the magick, but don’t ever expect to tame it– grab it by the tail and hang on for the ride of your life.
When you are doing a Tarot reading, where do you feel your information is coming from?
From somewhere else outside of me.
Sometimes it is an actual voice inside my head (usually very subtle and super soft, so soft it would be easy not to hear it if you didn’t know what to listen for); sometimes it is an image that pops into my mind, and sometimes it’s just a feeling.  There have been so many times when I’ve almost not said something, and from somewhere I feel a little ‘push’– like something whispering in my ear, “Say it!”
Are there people that you have come across that are impossible to read for, or nearly so? If so, why do you think this happens and how do you handle a situation like this?
Absolutely!  What do I do when this happens?…Tell them.
I’ve tried reading for people who have felt like a Brick Wall, impenetrable, with no feelings emanating from them what-so-ever.  I’ve often wondered if this is just a wall they’ve put up for me, or is this a wall they live with all the time, or is this a wall that something else has put up around them?
I have a more difficult time reading for men than for women.  I’m assuming it’s because I can relate on a familiar emotional level with women; or is it because of negative experiences I’ve had with men in my life in the past; or is it just a ‘disconnect’ from male energy; or is it because the man I’m trying to read for in this moment is being a jerk…I don’t know.  I only know that– for me– it’s easier to read for women.
What do you feel has been your biggest challenge in working with your abilities over the years and how have you managed this challenge?
There are several challenges that I’ve encountered, each one touching something different…
1) Lack of self-confidence in your abilities– this is so easy to do, to second guess yourself, to lay heavily on the conscious down-to-earth practical side of your mind (“This doesn’t make sense.”, you find yourself thinking.)  But you just have to go with the flow.  You have to learn to trust your instincts and to know that just because you don’t understand the full implications of what’s been revealed, it will (almost 100% of the time) make perfect sense to your client.  You have to learn not to be afraid of sounding silly– or crazy.  I have never regretted anything that I’ve said in a tarot reading, but I cannot count the number of times I regret *Not* saying something.
2) Dealing with disturbing revelations– this has most often come about through criminal case readings, once so strongly and vividly with a missing-child case that I almost gave this practice up completely.
3) Releasing all predetermined judgments– you have to be completely…*Completely*!…nonjudgmental.  If you are not able to do this, you will not be able to give the individual an accurate reading.  It will be tainted by your own mind and its preconceived notions.  This is a biggy, but it can be done.  You get use to it.  One way to get past it (for me) is to allow myself to dive into the cards, almost like someone diving from a tall cliff into the water.  Let the cards swallow you up and talk to you and show you things and open doors to all sorts of worlds.

Sunday, May 26, 2019 ~ Deck: Sacred Circle Tarot
Tarot Spread:  Mediumship Spread

1 ~ the person who has passed on
Abandonment/8 of cups

This is someone who left your life and inner circle before they passed, either a spouse or romantic partner, a child, or a parent. Their disassociation with  you during life may not have felt to them that they were leaving anything behind, or abandoning anyone, but to family members around them, and particularly to you, this may have been exactly how you felt about their departure from your life.

2 ~ their life, looking back
The Green Man (coincides with The Fool in a standard deck)

Lots of foolishness, a gay naivete that accompanied youth or puberty, the teen years.  It included poor choices, a long journey (figuratively), as in getting back to a point in the road or a juncture of life that was abandoned for a while.  Spunk, bravado, pride, aloofness, sometimes condescension comes to mind.  Also, "ulterior motives" may accompany their life experiences.  I also feel that this may represent a young male, either indicating that this individual died young, or this is how they choose to represent themselves to me, as in wanting to appear as they were during a happy period in their life.

3 ~ a lesson they'd like to share
Regret/5 of cups

This individual expresses a lot of regret from their vantage point on the other side.  This includes relationships thrown away; opportunities tossed aside; many losses experienced on a variety of levels.  I feel the biggest thing that this spirit wants to share with us is not to miss out on, or lose something, that is or could be precious in our lives.  Don't take anything for granted.  Don't treat important things in your life frivolously.  

4 ~ something they wish they'd paid more attention to
Success/6 of wands

This spirit wishes they'd paid more attention to meeting goals, that they would have worked harder to achieve more in their life.  I believe this individual became so wrapped up in other activities or relationships that they were led off a chosen path, lured away from the direction their life was meant to go.  There is also the idea of being bound against one's will from actively making decisions and implementing action during their life that would have precipitated success.  He's telling us to be vigilant, don't be easily swayed by convincing people and shiny promises that will prove destructive and hollow.

5 ~ a message from this spirit to us
The Web/major arcana #11

Spirit is apologizing for getting himself caught up in unfavorable circumstances and decisions that affected your life.  He's incredibly regretful of any pain or trauma that he may have caused during his life time to loved ones and family.  This spirit realizes that there is no way to take back the experiences of his previous life and make amends to the people he touched, but he wants you to know that he is well aware of the repercussions his life had on you, and he's sorry, so very sorry.  Also, he may choose to show his presence to you in the appearance of a white dog.  When you see a white dog, a white dog that grabs your attention, know that this spirit is present and making a connection with you.

Saturday, December 15, 2018 ~ Deck:  The Moment After Tarot
Seven/wands (reversed)

It's like getting something all figured out, finally.  It's all about realizing where the truth lay, and where the lies are, and the source of it all.  It's all so all about coming to a point in life where you're able to be honest with yourself, brutally honest, maybe for the first time.  It's about looking back and realizing the consequences of it all, or looking back relieved to have left something behind, something that wasn't bringing positive energy into your life, something that was sabotaging your efforts.

Monday, November 6th, 2017 ~ Deck:  The Goddess Tarot
Triplicates ~  My Personal Meditation for Today

First Set 
The Sun: 
Glorious  "Golden Time"
The Golden Hour

Tending your goods
fertility, hidden agenda, misdirection, upside down
shake out his pockets

Upside down  financial message
Feet stuck in the rocks, frozen
Into a deal she can't get out of

Second Set
The Lone Woman
Solitary, strong but quiet, cutting your own throat, making a point

Having to Prove a Point
Under the gun, being on the definsive
Fighting them Off
Beating the System

Learning from your past
Memories, illusions, dreams, nightmares
Skeletons in the Closet

Third Set
The Quiet One
Calm, rational
The money is grounded
"It's in good hands"

Work, Work, Work, Work
She's good at what she does
The Enigma
The Artist
Creative Artistic Endeavors

Moving On
Crossing Over
Solitary Journey

Click on the image to make it Bigger

Would you like to interpret this reading?  I don't care if you're a novice or a seasoned reader.  Feel free to leave your own interpretation of these cards in the comment box below.

Wednesday, October 11th, 2017 ~ Deck:  Pagans Way Tarot
Ace of Wands

Business is picking up!  (And it most surely is!) ....but there's more to it.  There's the idea of tenacity and hanging on to ideas and goals that others might view as impossible.  There's the idea of stubborn energy that just won't accept "no" as an answer.  There's the idea of taking risks and putting yourself out there, probably far outside your comfort zone.  There's the idea of something being "too hot to handle", whatever this means to you-- is it so hot you don't want to go there, or do you have to pass through a fire storm to get to something amazing??

Also, with this card comes the idea of purging yourself from something big and awkward, something in-your-face, something that's maybe ugly and daunting...purging yourself of this "thing" that's holding you down, holding you back, creating stress and anxiety.  Get rid of it, whatever IT is.  Figuratively call on the energy of the element of Fire, and burn the damn thing off!

Sunday, August 6th, 2017 ~ Deck:  Rider/Waite
Ace/cups (reversed)

Love is always on the way in or out of someone's life.  It's a constant flow of come and go.  I know, there are those "soul mate" connections that never seem to break and go on forever, and ever, and ever.  But it doesn't work that way for all of us, myself included.  Relationships come and they go.  And the reversed nature of this card is just affirming what I already know...I'm stuck in a solitary point of time right now, and there may be good reasons for this.  Perhaps I'm suppose to concentrate more on some aspect of me, my life, my family, or a project that would not get the attention it deserves if I were involved with someone.  Relationships, after all, seem to swallow up your time and attention, your energy and your thoughts.

Other messages:  don't let an important opportunity slip through your fingers; on the other hand, don't hold on to something that is outdated or no longer of use, it's futile and unnecessary.

Monday (Moon), July 10th, 2017 ~ Deck: Pagans Way Tarot
Queen/wands (reversed)

"Ding-dong, the witch is dead! Which old witch? The wicked witch
Ding-dong, the wicked witch is dead..." as the lyrics to this well-known old song go. Once upon a time the Queen of Wands represented a mother-in-law; a wicked woman with a black heart, a sword for a tongue, who wielded an iron-fisted control over her grown children and their lives. She's gone. For me, she is totally removed from my world, but that is the first thing that popped into my head when I turned this card over on this day.

On further reflection, getting past an old association, this Queen is telling me that there's something in my own life, or something coming up, that I will not have total control over. At first thought, it might make me cringe, but then that little voice in my head says, "It's okay, you can handle it, whatever "it" will be". There's an eerie calmness about this card, on this day, that's usually not associated with a loss of control. (Most of us like to be in control, desire to be in control, fight to remain in control of our life and our destiny.)

There is the idea of patience and waiting, or "waiting something out"; there is the idea of lazy mid-summer days filled with heat, thunderstorms, lightening bugs, iced tea, and a doorway to memories of many a lazy summer in the past. And along with it comes the feeling of life slowing, pausing, giving a sigh. Things will resume their normal speed, at the end of this summer, says this card, to me, today. 

Saturday (Saturn), May 6th, 2017 ~ Deck ~ Tarot Iluminati
Ace/Wands (reversed)

Aces are doorways, magickal thresholds, the beginnings of great adventures, untold opportunities.  Wands, connected to business, work, finances; but so much more...passion for what you do; a drive to succeed; personal power; ambition; goals and attainment; inner strength (that you might not have known you even have).  Rhiannon's song, the words go to this card for this moment in time..."Girl, you're on Fiiirrrre!!"  Yes!

Does this mean that I'm going to feel all perky and wide awake and physically or mentally ready to conquer the world 24/7??  Hell no, I'm tired most of the time.  But deep down inside of me is a deep-seated satisfaction that I've arrived; that I can do what I put my mind to; that I will not only survive, I'll survive well and on my own terms.

"You go, Girl!", the universe is saying.

Wednesday (Mercury), May 10th, 2017 ~ Pagans Way Tarot
The Moon (reversed)

Oh, wow!  This card is such a stickler for me, and it is so two-faced, which kind of aligns with the image I see standing on its head right now.  The beauty of the goddess connection is thrown under the bus, and the card is screaming deception, dishonesty, proceed with caution.  And then, in the back of my ever wandering mind, is the Big Question ~ Is it pointing out Self-Deception?...which to me is almost worse than being lied to, because if you're not being honest with yourself, it's something that's very difficult to identify or rectify.

What else is it telling me?...Scry, look beyond looking.  Peer into the dark depths of the world at large, and other people's psyches nearby. Examine motives and consequences.  Don't be rushed to make snap decisions, don't be rushed to put your name on a dotted line anywhere.  Slow down and swim in the ethereal flow of divination, and second sight, and gut feelings.

Believe what you tell yourself, and listen to someone else with caution.

The wolves on the card are howling their forlorn lonesome call, and as haunting as it is, it's still beautiful...remember that above all else.  The dark things aren't always repulsive and scary, sometimes they're just dark, just another shade of gray.

I know, I'm meandering now.


Monday (Moon), May 15, 22017 ~ Pagans Way Tarot

Do over!!  The universe is giving me a second chance to do something again, only this time better.  I'm so excited!!  I have no idea what it could be, but the prospect of a second chance looms large on the horizon and in my world.

The idea of choices are highlighted-- this time make the right one, that little voice is whispering in my ear.  What slipped through my fingers once, I may very well catch in both hands this time.

Friday (Venus), May 26th, 2017 ~ Rider/Waite Deck

Chaos reins, says this card.  Life is full of people, activity, movement, schedules, choices, personalities, responsibilities, deadlines, dates to remember, things to do, places to go, work to be done...work all over, from job, to home, to personal, to career, from writing and web work, to mundane things like lawn mowing and housekeeping. 

At this stage of life, I thought that things would slow down and begin to move in a timely, plodding simple fashion, but actually, the exact opposite is true.  Life doesn't get slower as we get older, it winds itself up into high speed.

This card not only mirrors my life right now, it's confirming it.  The five of wands says, "It's okay, hang on for a wild ride.  Everything is going to work out.  This is NORMAL!" (And I seem to hear a wicked cackling laugh somewhere in the background.)

Sunday (Sun), May 28th, 2017 ~ Deck: Tarot Illuminati 
5/pentacles (reversed)

The idea of pinching pennies is getting old.  Balancing bills and paycheck is getting tedious.  I see what you're trying to tell me five of pentacles, standing on your head, kicking your feet in the air.  The light in the window at the bottom of the card is telling me that very soon, it may even be in the process of happening now and I just don't know it, but very soon, there will be a light shining on something very likely to bring in extra money in a delightful and enriching way. 

I may very well be standing on it, it's that close, and I just don't see it yet, or I haven't been made privy to the information.

What else are you trying to tell me? ~ Climb the stairs; bundle up; group together; "the ladder to success" (where is it, so close it's energy is tantalizing, yet always seemingly just out of my reach); I either have, or will be in the future, expected to carry someone along with me; partnerships in the golden years.


  1. Love this ! and I love that you will be sharing your journal entries. So much wisdom in the Tarot ! 💚