Breaking the Spell

1.  Bind Me Not
2.  Reverse the Curse
3.  Reversing Another Witch's Spell

(1) Bind Me Not

If you suspect that you are the victim of a binding, don’t panic. There are ways around someone else’s magic– sometimes. You are going to gather the necessary ingredients, gird your loins for a seven day ordeal, and free yourself from the ties that bind.

Items needed:
  • Command & Compel Oil
  • Seven small squares of paper & a pen
  • A white pillar candle
  • Herbs: sage, rosemary, hyssop
  • Sandalwood incense
First, you will set up an altar space that you can leave sit for the duration of a seven day period. You might want this in an unobtrusive part of the house, out of the way and out of sight.

The spell:

You are going to anoint the white pillar candle with the commanding oil, and place it in the center of your altar. This altar will be laden with dried or fresh bunches of herbs rich with cleansing energy– sage, rosemary, and hyssop. Every evening, while casting this spell, you might want to set to burn a dried pinch of these herbs in a small cauldron on a charcoal disk; and along with this, you will light sandalwood incense.

Every evening, for seven evenings, you will take a square of paper and write upon it the following words, anoint it with the Commanding Oil, and burn it in the flame of the white pillar candle. Every evening, for seven evenings, you will then gather these ashes and place them in a small bowl.

The words:

“Tit for tat, This for that; I undo the ties that bind. 
Unwind, unwind, unwind; Three times three,
 Set me free. Tit for tat, This for that.”

On the seventh evening, after you have burned the last piece of paper, you will gather together all of the remnants from this spell– the ashes from the spell paper, the ashes from the herbs you’ve been burning, the ash from your incense, whatever’s left of the pillar candle, and anything else on your altar that would be considered the remains of this spell…and you will dispose of these items as quickly as possible, as far away from your property as is reasonable.

When you return home from this venture, take a cleansing bath and sleep peacefully upon this night, in the knowledge that you are free.

(2) Reverse the Curse

One of the most common and well-known ways to break your own spell is to re-gather all the ingredients that you used when you first cast it– and do the entire thing in reverse.

For some spells, this may work; and for other spells, it will not.

Did you do something that you regret, perhaps perform a spit of black magic in a fit of anger? Although there is no guarantee of reversing your spell, if you feel bad or desperate enough– give it a shot. Then hold your breath with the universe and see what happens.

This is a reminder: think twice before casting negative magic, or any magic at all; don’t act rashly in anger– this never works, even on a mundane level; consider the consequences and realize that once the energy has been turned loose, the deed is done.

To anyone who needs this spell, I wish you success in your endeavor.

(3) Breaking Another Witch’s Spell

This spell is going to incorporate the use of knot magic. After preparing the ribbon for this spell and tying the necessary knots, you’re going to "cut to the heart of the matter".

Items needed:

  • A black ribbon, approximately 2 feet long
  • A scissors -- your bolline knife would be better
  • White candles
  • Incense: patchouli
  • Herbs: anise, bay, bloodroot, fennel, garic, mugwort, hyssop

Cast your circle widdershins for this spell. We’re going to be working magic in reverse, and we’re going to be tampering with another witch’s magic– she may or may not feel this interference with her energy.

Bolster the perimeter of your sacred space with white candles and a protective incense, patchouli, or something else that‘s ‘earthy’. Call the quarters to stand guard, to protect you from any backlash of incoming negative energy. I would heap the altar with black candles and a plethora of protective herbs– either large dried or fresh bunches, or small bowls of ground herbs or their seeds– herbs such as anise, bay, bloodroot, fennel, garlic, mugwort, or hyssop. Put a small bunch of these herbs in a cauldron to burn.

When all is ready, seat yourself in the center of this circle, amidst the flickering candle flames and smoldering incense. Take up the black ribbon. Hold it in the smoke of the herbs, slowly, languidly, allowing your mind to wrap itself around the spell that you are going to break and the witch who cast it.

At one end of this ribbon, tie the first knot to represent the spell and the witch who cast it, saying:

“I tie to this, thy ribbon of magic, a knot of one; That ye’ may know what I have done.”

At the other end of this black ribbon, tie a knot to represent yourself, saying:

“I tie to this, thy ribbon of magic, a knot of two; That all you’ve done will come back on you.”

Take your time– hold the ribbon, chant, sway, float, dance, caress the ribbon, close your eyes, lose yourself…and feel the energy raise. When it is at fever pitch, take up the scissors or knife and cut the ribbon in the center, severing the pathway of energy between yourself, the other witch, and the spell she cast.

Bury this ribbon in the earth, in some godforsaken place, burying the energy and power of this witch right along with the ribbon.

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