Love Spells

1. Lilith's Love Spell
2. Nutmeg Infidelity Spell
3. Strawberry Sex Spell
4. Bloody Love Spell
5. Asunder You Shall Go: Dividing Lovers
6. The Face of Your True Love
7. A Midsummer Eve's Love Spell

(1) Lilith’s Lust Spell

This spell invokes Lilith, the notorious and unruly ‘demon wife’ of Adam. Her powerful and dominating sexuality is what caused their rift, and invoking the spirit of Lilith raises tremendous raw lust and sexual energy. A warning however– It isn’t wise to invoke this entity in a home where there are newborn or young infants. Lilith’s unquenchable appetite doesn’t stop at sex.


  • Day: Friday
  • Hour: 1st/8th hour after sunrise;3rd/10th hour after sunset
  • Planet: Venus
  • Moon Phase: waxing/full
  • Color: red
  • Herbs: for lust– cardamom; love & lust– ginseng; fidelity– a pinch of nutmeg, just to keep a leash on the energy being released
  • Oil: a sexuality oil or patchouli
  • Stone: pink quartz or blood stone
  • Symbols: the yin/yang symbol to highlight “female/male” energy; I also intertwine the symbols for Mars and Venus– a mingling that radiates the energy of copulation
  • Deities: Lilith

First, you have to put yourself in the mindset for the type of energy you’re going to receive from this spell. A long luxurious bath, satiny bold colored lingerie, oils, and images…whatever it takes to arouse in you the heat of your own sexuality.

  • On a red candle carve the symbols and Lilith’s name. 
  • Anoint the candle in oil and roll it in the combined herbs; set it up and light it and your incense as well. 

Music that throbs and gets you swaying and moving without thinking is wonderful for this moment. Begin to slowly move with it, closing your eyes, allowing the rhythm to fill you and sensations to wash over you. Begin calling to Lilith, chanting to her, moving with her, feeling her in the pulsating rhythm of the music and your body. Lose yourself in the moment and in Lilith. When the energy climaxes and the peak is reached, you will know she has arrived. Make use of her energy for this night; she will leave as abruptly as she came.

(2) Nutmeg Fidelity Spell

This spell uses nutmeg and its notorious reputation for inspiring fidelity. The use of intimate garments with the nutmeg is a form of sympathetic magic. Think well on this spell before you cast it– remember that it will bind you into a mindset of fidelity just as much as it will bind your partner.

Items needed:

  1. Ground nutmeg
  2. A red flannel bag that’s large enough to hold two pairs of undergarments
  3. A pair of your underpants and a pair of your partner’s
  4. A safety pin
  5. A piece of parchment paper and a pen

  • On the parchment paper write your name and the name of your partner over the top of each other– spit on it. 
  • Fold this paper into a small square and place it in the red flannel bag. 
  • Take the undergarments and pin them together with a large safety pin, also placing them in the red flannel bag. 
  • To this bag sprinkle copious amounts of nutmeg; and, depending upon how squeamish you are, you could add a few drops of menstrual blood.
  • Keep this bag hidden in the bedroom. If your partner has occasion to be away for periods of time, on those occasions, take this bag into your bed and sleep with it.
(3) Strawberry Sex Spell

If the passion in your relationship has waned and your partner is now moving on to greener pastures but you’re not quite ready to let go yet, you can lure him back with this spell.

  • Choose a large scrumptious strawberry and sleep with it in your vagina for one night– preferably during a waxing moon.

You’re going to have to be on decent terms with your partner in order to invite him for coffee or a meal. And during the course of this event, you will feed him a delectable dessert– perhaps a cupcake. The ingredients for this cake will be made with the minced strawberry that you slept with and, yes– a dash of nutmeg, as well as a generous sprinkling of powdered sugar– Drawing Powder.

The objective of this spell is to raise your partner’s desire for you; to inspire lust, passion, and fidelity between the two of you; to make the idea of sex with someone else repulsive to your partner; and to lure your partner back to you– right where you feel he belongs.

(4) Bloody Love Spell

It has long been believed that if a man ingests so much as a drop of a woman’s menstrual blood, he will fall helplessly, hopelessly, eternally in love with her. (If you’re squeamish at all– stop here now.)

This is considered a binding spell, as the gray witch knows, and it’s considered the most potent love spell of all.

  • A word of warning: this is one spell that is almost impossible to reverse. You want to think long and hard before you cast this spell on your ‘true love’, because at some point in your life you may discover another love that seems even truer, and the monkey on your back will be a partner who is hopelessly caught under your enchantment. Also, be aware that the menstrual blood must be fed to the target with magical intentions!

In order to administer this blood, you must disguise it. Secrecy is what adds success to this spell; it is imperative in order for it to work. Traditionally a glass of red wine is the drink of choice; but it can also be hidden in a strong cup of coffee, a cola, or any other dark drink. The power and strength of this spell lay in the fact that the target will have no idea what hit him.

To add even more magical power, it would be best if the moon phase is waxing– or full, or as near to full as you can get. Friday, linked to the planet and the goddess Venus, will add strength to it as well, or an hour of the day influenced by Venus. Dates connected positively to your relationship are also energy boosters, such as an anniversary date.

(5) Asunder You Shall Go: Dividing Lovers

This is a spell that will be inscribed on the photograph of a couple or on a name paper for the couple, if a photo is not available to you. It can be added to a mojo bag that you create for this couple to make their coupling miserable, or in a candle magic spell to put things into action. The gray witch knows that to fulfill her wishes, her creativity and imagination will provide endless possibilities.

  1. On one side of the photograph (or the name paper) draw a dividing line down through the center of the couple, or between their names, preferably with black ink– or blood. When you do this, do it with purpose, intention, emotion, and power.
  2. On the reverse side of the photo/paper, write the following verse:

“This couple 
The spirits 
Shall divide 
With malice.”

(6) The Face of Your True Love

It’s believed that if you eat an apple on Samhain Eve and, without looking behind you, gaze into a mirror, you will see the face of your future husband or wife.

This might best be done in a darkened room lit with a single white candle, that shadows may fall, and secrets be revealed.

(7) A Midsummer’s Eve Love Spell

Upon the stroke of midnight at Midsummer’s Eve, scatter rose petals about your garden, circling it thrice deosil (clockwise), while chanting or singing softly:

“Roses I strew, 
True love to brew.  
You‘ll find me, 
So mote it be.  
I‘ll find you,  
Our love be true.”

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