Beauty Spells

1.  Shed Your Skin Spell

(1) Shed Your Skin Spell

This spell takes advantage of the energy of three creatures who change or freshen their appearance by literally coming out in a new skin: the cicada, the moth or butterfly, and the snake. And you’re going to be using in this spell one of three things: the shed skin of a snake, the open and empty cocoon of a moth or butterfly, or the abandoned skin of a cicada.

Shudder now and get over the ‘ick’ factor– real magic requires girding up your loins and getting your hands dirty once in a while– as the gray witch will tell you.

  • Day: Friday– associated with Venus, beauty, and love
  • Hour: 1st/8th hour after sunrise; 3rd/10th hour after sunset
  • Planet: Venus
  • Moon Phase: waxing to full
  • Color: pink, white, silver,
  • Herbs: for beauty– ginseng, lilac, rose; for youth– catnip, valerian
  • Oil: rose oil
  • Stone: rose quartz
  • Number: 6
  • Letters: F, O, X– (no pun intended)
  • Symbols: The symbol for Venus
  • Deities: Venus/Aphrodite or Hathor
Items needed:

1. The dried shell of a cicada, a snakeskin, or abandoned cocoon
2. A fireproof bowl
3. A bottle of rose oil
4. A pink or white candle
5. A red flannel bag

This spell works on the refreshing metamorphic energy of the creatures listed here. It also works on the mind and what you see, or what you think you see. This spell is not an instant face-lift, but rather, it changes the perception of how others view you and how you view yourself. It will give you the illusion of beauty and youth.

After the basic preparations are in place, the candles lit, the incense going, place upon your altar the fireproof bowl. Drop within it the insect skin, cocoon, or the snake shed and light it afire– you may need a bit of a flammable oil sprinkled on the top to get it going.

When the fire has gone out and the remains have cooled off a bit, using your pestle, crush what’s left into a pulp, adding a few drops of rose oil and drippings from your pink or white candle until you get a good consistency with a nice scent. Now take it in your hands– yes, in your hands– and roll it into a ball…drop this treasure in the red flannel bag.

Keep this bag in a secret spot, and on the evening of a full moon bring it out when you are alone in a darkened candle-lit room. Stand before a mirror, calling to the changing energy of the creature whose remains are in the bag. Wave the bag in a gentle back and forth motion before your face, saying:

“By the power of the creature here, May youth and beauty shine pure and clear.  By the power of the creature within,  May I shed what’s old to reveal fresh young skin.”

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