Hex, Cursing, Binding Spells

1. Return to Sender
2. A Hex
3. A Binding
4. Binding Negative Behavior
5. Freeze Thy Enemy
6. Feel My Wrath Spell
7. Divide and Conquer

(1) Return to Sender:

Basic Candle Spell and Correspondences

This spell is for anyone who thinks they are deliberately being targeted by someone who is sending out negative energy, intentions, harmful wishes, and such. You don’t have to be 100% sure in this case that a specific person is guilty of this activity, for if they are innocent, the energy will not go to them. This spell will return the negative energy to the one who is guilty of sending it, even if you don’t know who this person is.

The Correspondences:

  • Day: Tuesday
  • Hour: 1st/8th hour after sunrise; 3rd/10th hour after sunset
  • Planet: Mars
  • Moon Phase: waning, to send away
  • Color: black
  • Herbs: fennel, pepper– return to sender; ginger– wards negativity
  • Oil: Mars Astrological Oil
  • Incense: sandalwood
  • Stone: red jasper
  • Number: 9
  • Letters: I, R
  • Symbols: Runes– ‘algiz’, protects and shields; ‘thorn’, neutralizes foes; Odin’s Cross– place this sigil with your name on it over the name of your enemy

Use these correspondences to create your own candle spell that is unique to your situation, using personal effects or objects that are related somehow to your experience. Cast a circle, call your quarters, ground yourself, clearing your mind in order to be able to work the magic. Focus on the energy that you are sending away, and note that you may physically experience a weight being lifted from your body as this negative energy races outward.

(2) A Hex

Okay, gray witches, hang onto your pointy black hats; we’re bringing out the big guns. This is the type of magic you have to be strong enough to work so as not to be swallowed alive by its energy. You have to be absolutely 100% sure that you want to do this. You cannot change your mind afterwards and then go whining to the universe because you regret what you did…it will be too late.

Read thoroughly through these words so you fully understand the consequences and what your life will become, should you decide to use this spell.

The Correspondences:

  • Day: Saturday
  • Hour: 1st/8th hour after sunrise; 3rd/10th hour after sunset
  • Planet: Saturn
  • Color: black
  • Herbs: tobacco, garlic, arrowroot, morning glory vines (devil’s guts), nightshade and hemlock*– Since nightshade and hemlock are both poisonous, I suggest you look upon their inclusion in this list as an interesting historical footnote– and then work with the nonpoisonous herbs listed.–
  • Oil/Potions/Powder: Cemetery Dirt, Goofer Dust, Banishing Powder– if this be your intention
  • Incense: dragon’s blood
  • Stone: dark stones, black stones, heavy stones whose energy sinks within the earth
  • Number: 9
  • Letters: I, R
  • Symbols: the symbol for Saturn; an inverted pentacle; symbols relating to any of the dark gods/goddesses that you choose to work with; an inverted crucifix

Items needed:

  1. A black silk bag
  2. A black ribbon, approx. 12-15” long
  3. An image of your target and any personal effects from this person that you can get your hands on– the more, the better. Otherwise, you’ll have to settle for a name paper.
  4. Two pieces of parchment paper with the written spell upon it– one in the witch’s alphabet
  5. Morning glory vines– highly recommended
  6. Cobwebs
  7. The carcass of a dead spider– it would be even better if you had three

The Spell:

“I hex you, I hex you, I hex you, 
From the bowels of the earth; 
That my hex shall give birth To a terrible curse.  

I hex you, I hex you, I hex you, 
Through the dark powers that be; 
That your soul shall never be free 
Of this terrible curse.  

I hex you, I hex you, I hex you; 
So mote it be; 
That you will know sadness and sorrow 
And continuous misery.”

  • Cast your circle widdershins and call up the Watchtowers to guard your sacred space, perhaps even leaving a special token at each of the four quarters relating to that element.

  • Fold the spell paper written in the witches’ alphabet three times, then tie it up with the black ribbon and spit on it. Add this to the black silk bag.

  • You will take the morning glory vine and bind the image of your target, all the while chanting this portion of the spell:

“I hex you, I hex you, I hex you; 
From the bowels of the earth; 
That my hex shall give birth 
To a terrible curse.”

  • When you have finished binding the image, spit on it and add it to the black bag.

  • Add the cobwebs to the bag.

If you have one spider’s carcass, add it to the black bag now while reciting the complete spell– this you can read from the other spell paper. If you have three spider’s carcasses, read one verse for each carcass as you add it to the black bag. Then burn this spell paper in the flames of the black candle. Add the candle wax and ashes to the black bag after it’s cooled down.

Seal this bag by tying it up with black ribbon, tying three knots in the ribbon. You will hang this token in a dark and dingy location, where it shall stay in secret, gathering dust and power and strength. It shall develop a life and intelligence of its own. You shall never open it or set it free; for if you do, you will unleash what’s in this bag on anyone within its reach.

You will spend the rest of your life making sure that this ‘thing’ stays safe in its secret place, that no one shall disturb it and fall prey to the powerful curse it has become.

If you are not prepared to make this kind of commitment–  Do not cast this spell!

(3) A Binding

If someone is causing misery and complications in your life and you’d like nothing more than to literally hog-tie them to stop their actions, this is the spell for you. Although you can’t very well physically drag them through the street by their hair and tie them to a tree; you can bind them magically with almost the same effect, and sometimes the magical binding will be an even worse punishment.

The Correspondences:

  • Day: Saturday
  • Hour: 1st/8th hour after sunrise; 3rd/10th hour after sunset
  • Planet: Saturn
  • Moon Phase: waning or dark moon
  • Color: black
  • Herbs: pepper, cloves, cayenne pepper
  • Oil/Potions/Powder: Four Thieves Vinegar
  • Incense: patchouli or dragon’s blood

Items needed:

  1. Three ribbons each three feet long; two of these ribbons will be black, the third will be a color that corresponds with your target, perhaps the color of their birth stone
  2. Your black candle, dressed and ready to burn
  3. Your incense

When the time is right and the magical stage has been set, seat yourself comfortably within your sacred space, ground and center.

Holding these ribbons together, as if they were a single ribbon, you are going to tie six knots– the first beginning the binding, and the last sealing it. As you tie these knots, you will recite a chant for each one, all the while retaining focus on your intentions.

The Spell:

  1. First Knot: “I bind you now, from feet to brow.”
  2. Second Knot: “I bind your mind, that your thoughts may be frozen.”
  3. Third Knot: “I bind your actions, that you may be impotent.”
  4. Fourth Knot: “I bind your tongue, that you may not speak ill of anyone.”
  5. Fifth Knot: “I bind your power, that you may be helpless.”
  6. Sixth Knot: “I bind you now,from  feet to brow.”

When the knots are tied and the spell complete, you can do one of two things with this knotted ribbon: You can burn it in the flame of the black candle and bury the remains of the spell in the earth; or you can put this knotted ribbon in a bag and keep it tucked away in a secret place.

(4) Binding Negative Behavior

So you don’t have a problem with an individual in general, you are just having a hard time living with a negative aspect of someone’s behavior. Perhaps what they insist on doing is harmful to themselves or to people around them; either way, it has to stop.

You’re going to bind this person’s behavior, their actions, without actually binding the individual him/herself.

Set the magical stage with the appropriate candles, colors, herbs, stones, etc., to suit the particular situation, individual, and behavior you are addressing.

Items needed:

  1. A good length of black ribbon, at least 3 feet
  2. A piece of parchment paper and pen
  3. A straight pin
  4. Any item(s) you feel may carry the energy of this situation or the target– place them around the candles

Ground and center yourself in this special place, at this special time; and when you feel ready to begin, take the pen and paper and write out in your own words, to whatever extent you must, a description of the behavior that you are going to bind and the consequences that it’s having on people.

With this deed done, roll the paper up in a tight scroll. Take the black ribbon, and at one end, begin the binding by wrapping the ribbon around the parchment roll– slowly, deliberately, chanting the spell as you go– until the entire ribbon is used up and the scroll is hidden beneath it.

The spell:

“I bind your behavior, 
You must do as I say.  
It ceases upon 
This very day.”

Secure the ribbon with the straight pin.

Keep this scroll hidden in a special bag or box in a safe place. When the negative behavior has ceased, bury it in the earth.

(5) Freeze Thy Enemy

When someone is being a real stinker– tearing around and disrupting people’s lives, destroying reputations, creating false and misleading impressions, and otherwise making a total ass of themselves, it’s time to put the brakes on. We’re going to do this by literally containing the essence of this person in a sealed jar of water and freezing it solid. What better way to put a halt to someone’s frenetic destructive energy.

Items needed:

  1. A small glass jar with a screw on lid
  2. A photo of your target, personal effects, their signature, or a name paper
  3. Sharp objects– nails, razor blades, pins and needles, shards of broken glass, etc.

(The last items listed are not absolutely required to cast this spell. They’re just a little something extra to insure that the culprit feels the full brunt of their actions and the repercussions coming their way. It‘s the gray witch coming out in me.)

This is one of those spells I’ve cast in the kitchen, right at the table and near the freezer. It’s a no nonsense “get er’ done” kind of spell that doesn’t require a lot of fancy preparation or staging.

Fill the glass jar with the photo and personal effects for this hard-skulled nitwit. Add the little extra ‘niceties’ to it, one item at a time, possibly voicing your honest opinion of this individual and their actions as you go. Fill the jar about half full of water, maybe a little more, making sure that you’ve left plenty of room for expansion. Screw the lid on good and tight.

Sit the jar in the freezer and slam the door shut.

The deed is done.

(6)  Feel My Wrath Spell

This spell is used to direct your negative energy onto an enemy. It might be compared to a physical punch in the face, and it will be felt just as keenly.

Items needed:

  1. A black candle– taper or votive
  2. Personal effects of the target if possible, but a photo or name paper will do
  3. Dress the candle with oil and Goofer Dust

What you need to do:

  • You will cast your circle widdershins for this one, and you will call the quarters to guard it. Light the elemental and altar candles so you have plenty of light, as well as an incense of your choice. You’ll want to make sure that you’re going to be comfortable, because you’re going to be here for a while. Place a couple pillows or cushions on the floor, near the altar, if you wish.

  • Amidst the flickering light, protected within the circle, carve your enemy’s name upon the candle. Place this candle in a cast iron cauldron or another fire-proof container, sitting the image of the target or their name paper beneath it. If you have any personal effects from this individual, place them in the cauldron as well.

  • Ground and center. You’re going to have to still your mind of outside influences and really concentrate to successfully cast this spell.

  • Light the black candle.

  • Focus on every ounce of negative feelings you have for this individual and literally gather it up and send it into the cauldron, where it in turn will be sent to the target.

  • If you are able to focus and direct this energy successfully, the target will feel it. Wherever this individual may be, they will become abruptly uncomfortable. They may become extremely nervous and paranoid, feeling as though they’re being watched. They may tremble, shiver, or even become nauseous.

The target’s discomfort will continue until the candle has burned out. However, the unnerving effects of what they have experienced will stay with them for quite some time.

The last step to this spell is extremely important:

Dispose of the remnants of this spell off your property. Take a little drive and find a secluded spot to dump the candle wax/ashes. Go home and smudge the room you used to cast this spell.

(7) Divide and Conquer

This spell is for the witch who finds herself the victim of ‘pack mentality’. She not only has to deal with a single individual who has decided to make her an enemy, but a group of people, all feeding on each other’s negativity. This is the perfect spell for anyone dealing with a group of bullies.

Items needed:

  1. One white candle– pillar or taper
  2. Dress this candle with oil, sage, and rosemary
  3. Elemental candles set at the quarters
  4. A sheet of paper and a pen
  5. Scissors

After the preliminaries are set– the circle cast, quarters called, candles and incense lit; sit yourself down in the center of your circle. Take the pen and begin writing the names of the individuals in this group upon this paper. Do not write them in neat orderly rows or columns, write them helter-skelter, all over the paper, upside down and sideways.

Take the scissors and cut the names out so that each name is on an individual piece of paper. Pile these slips of paper on the altar, before the white candle, and recite this spell:

“I break you apart, I split your heart.  
Divided you shall be.  
I dissolve your connections,  
By the awful, awesome power  
Of three times three.”

You will take the name papers and disperse them around the circle, burning one at each of the elements. If you only have two names, then by all means, burn them at opposite quarters. If you have several names, more than four, that’s okay too; just keep going around the circle, burning name papers at each elemental candle you come to. The idea is that you are dispersing their energy.

Gather up the ashes from the name papers and, on a windy day, scatter these ashes to the wind.

To enhance this spell:

  1. I’ve substituted the sage and rosemary with something a bit sharper: Banishing Powder, cayenne pepper, black pepper, or Four Thieves Vinegar.
  2. If you can wait– and sometimes you can’t– cast this spell on a Tuesday, using the energy of Mars; or on Saturday, using the energy of Saturn.
  3. Cast this spell on a waning moon to disperse the group energy.
  4. An ulterior action would be to bind them so tightly together that it has the effect of breaking them apart. This opens the door for all kinds of interesting options.

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