Protection Spells

1.  Basic Candle Spell & Correspondences
2.  A Vehicle Blessing
3.  To Spite Your Face
4.  The In-Law Spell

(1) Basic Candle Spell and Correspondences

  • Day: Saturday
  • Hour: 1st/8th hour after sunrise; 3rd/10th hour after sunset
  • Planet: Saturn
  • Moon Phase: waxing/to bring protection to you; waning/to banish whatever you need protection from
  • Color: black
  • Herbs: fennel, mint, sage, thistle, night-shade (poisonous)– Nightshade is poisonous and can be absorbed through the skin. Handle it with gloved hands only- if you handle it at all! If you burn it, which I wouldn’t advise, don’t inhale the fumes.–, black pepper, cayenne pepper, garlic, dill- especially protects children
  • Oil: Banishing Oil or Mars Astrological Oil (good stuff)
  • Incense: sandalwood
  • Stone: obsidian, red jasper
  • Number: 8
  • Letters: H, Q, Z
  • Symbols: Earth symbol– write the name of who or what you want protected within it
  • Deities: Brigid (when seeking protection for children)

Using the correspondences above, set up your sacred space, dress your candle with oil and the herbs. What exactly is it that you feel you need protection from? If it’s an individual and you are fortunate enough to have their photo in your possession, place it on a small mirror and circle it with salt and graveyard dirt, trapping them within. Burn the spell candle near this image. If it’s a situation, create a mojo bag using these correspondences and the remains of your spell candle, inserting into the bag those items connected in some way with the troublesome situation or people involved.

(2) A Vehicle Blessing

We use to make quite a few road trips with the family when the children were small, and before each new adventure, I would bless our vehicle to keep the occupants safe from an accident. I still do this periodically, not only with my own vehicle, but with my children’s vehicles, when I can get my hands on them.

The following blessing can be performed in conjunction with creating a mojo bag to hang in your vehicle or to conceal beneath the seat, its purpose being to keep you safe and prevent accidents. I included a spell for this bag in my first book: “Tarot: A Witch’s Journey”. You can perform this little ritual in the privacy of your enclosed garage, which I’ve done several times; or you can brave the neighbors’ curiosity by performing this ritual in your driveway, which I’ve also done several times.

Note: You should know that I’ve had to modify the timing for this ritual on several occasions, in accordance with our travel plans, and that will work just fine. Also, if you have herbs that you personally work with for protection spells and that work for you, feel free to substitute them for this ritual. Below are the correspondences I use from my own Book of Shadows.


  • Day: Tuesday
  • Hour: 1st/8th hour after sunrise; 3rd/10th hour after sunset
  • Planet: Mars
  • Moon Phase: preferably waxing to full
  • Color: black or orange
  • Herbs: dill, fennel, rosemary, plantain…(use dill especially for the protection of children)
  • Oil: Mars Astrological Oil or a good protection oil of your choosing
  • Incense: sandalwood
  • Stone: black obsidian, red jasper, citrine, tiger eye
  • Symbol: the planetary symbol for Mars, and the symbol for Earth, as well as the invoking pentagram for Earth

Items needed:

  1. Six candles: green (earth), yellow (air), red (fire), blue (water), white (spirit), black– for the cauldron
  2. Your oil and incense
  3. Small bowl of water & salt
  4. Parchment paper on which you’ve written the spell you’ll find below
  5. Any of the herbs that you care to use in a mojo bag, to use in the ritual, or to place within the vehicle

Arrange the elemental candles around the vehicle in the pattern of a pentagram. If you’re pinched for space, you can even arrange them upon the hood of the vehicle. Light the candles and the incense. Have the black spell candle dressed in oil and herbs and placed within your cauldron, or a fire-proof receptacle. Light it as well. Using your oil, go around the vehicle and anoint the front, the back, the tires, and each of the doors with the oil, using the invoking pentagram for earth.

I open the door and, with my bowl of salted water in hand, I asperge the interior of the vehicle. I’ve also been known to throw a dash of sea salt here and there, as well as some crushed sage.

Go then to the front of the vehicle, before the white candle of spirit and your cauldron containing the burning black spell candle. Recite the spell below out loud, following the directions as you do so, and then burn the written spell in the flame of your spell candle, allowing the ashes to mingle with the melted wax. This can all be used later by adding it to your mojo bag.

The spell:

“I cast now a spell to protect 
All those who will occupy this space, 
Creating for them a sacred place.”

“I bless this vehicle by the powers of earth.”
(walk in a complete circle around your vehicle, carrying a bowl of salt, stopping before your cauldron candle)

“I bless this vehicle by the powers of air.” 
(walk in a complete circle around your vehicle, carrying the burning incense, stopping before your cauldron candle)

“I bless this vehicle by the powers of fire.” 
(walk in a complete circle around your vehicle, carrying the burning white candle of spirit, stopping before your cauldron candle)

“I bless this vehicle by the powers of water.” 
(walk in a complete circle around your vehicle, carrying the bowl of water, stopping before your cauldron candle)

“As these elements protect and guard my magic circle, 
So shall they protect and guard all those 
who ride within this vehicle. 

I empower this spell three times three, 
As I do will, so mote it be.”

Gently lower the written spell to the flame of the black candle, igniting the parchment, and drop it into the cauldron to finish burning. Extinguish the elemental candles, but allow the black spell candle to burn itself out. Dismantle your circle, if you have cast one, and eat something to ground yourself. I’ve found that this spell can be quite draining for some reason, so don’t neglect the last suggestion; and don’t be surprised if you are very hungry at the end of it.

(3) To Spite Your Face

One of the most frustrating foes to deal with is a person who is jealous and spiteful. This spell will deal with their energy, while most importantly, it will protect you from the fallout of their actions and their spitefulness.

Items needed:

  1. A cauldron containing a nice little pile of burning herbs (slippery elm and sage would be nice, but sage will do), creating a respectable sized flame– you might want to use a small charcoal tablet, just to keep things going
  2. A black votive candle
  3. A photo of the target– if this is not available, their signature or a name paper will have to do
  4. A red flannel bag
  5. Three blossoms from a thorny plant, preferably a thistle; or three thorns– which are just as effective

Carve the target’s name on the black spell candle, and sit it on your altar, near your cauldron. Light it– with glee and delight, knowing that you are lighting a flame beneath your enemy’s feet.

You will take their photo and, with the focused emotions you feel at this person and their actions, you will mark it, slash it, spit on it, stomp on it– or do something else even more dastardly to it, all the while maintaining the focus and intent of your actions. It’s imperative that you do not loose sight of your intentions.

Burn this image in your cauldron, amidst the herbs and flames.

When the fire has burned down, the black candle has burned itself out, and everything has cooled down– except your emotions and will– deposit the ashes and remnants of this spell into the red flannel bag.

Then add three blossoms or three thorns to the bag, one at a time:

With the first blossom/thorn, say:

“The first I add to freeze your speech.”

With the second blossom/thorn, say:

“The second I add to halt your reach.”

With the third blossom/thorn, say:

“The third I add to spite your face, 
That you may wallow in disgrace.”

Keep this bag in a safe and secret place, allowing the magic time to mature and ripen, that the target will feel the full effects.

(4) The In-Law Spell

I have experienced within my lifetime the effects of one of the relationships that can be the most poisonous and destructive– in-laws. These people don’t have to have a reason for disliking you; your existence is usually good enough reason. If you’ve reached what you feel is ‘the end of no return’ and contact with these people is proving destructive to your family and overly stressful, or even harmful to your health, it’s time to bid them farewell. No, we’re not going to harm them, nor banish them, we’re just going to mark our territory and let the power of magic make it off limits to them.

Think of a tomcat and how he marks his territory. Basically we’re going to do the same thing, but without the urine. Instead, we’re going to use the magic of the green witch to mark our space with the herb: oregano.

  • You’re going to want a good-sized hefty cast-iron cauldron, some charcoal tablets to keep things going, and a plentiful quantity of oregano. You are going to get a good handful of oregano burning in your cauldron, and then tone it down so that it’s smoldering and smoking up a storm. And no, you’ probably won’t like the smell of it– but it works like a charm– pun intended! The essence of the oregano will magically keep your in-laws at bay.

  • Carry this cauldron throughout your home, smudging every room, and most importantly– every entrance! And I do mean every entrance: garage doors, back doors, old cellar doors you haven’t used in ages, portals, doggy doors, and windows– any opening into your home– smudge it!

  • You should also smudge a photograph of these in-laws. To add fuel to my fire, so to speak, I actually burned a photograph of them in my cauldron so that it was smoldering away with the oregano.

It’s been years since I performed this unique and useful little spell…and it’s been years since my threshold has seen the shadow of an in-law.

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