Spells for the Tongue

1. A Poppet to Stop a Gossip
2. To Seal the Mouth Spell
3. Cat's Got Your Tongue Spell
4. Keep My Secret
5. Liar Come to Light Spell


1) A Poppet to Stop a Gossip

Items needed:

  1. Black cloth
  2. Cotton balls
  3. Needle & thread (black)
  4. Herbs: patchouli, cloves, pepper, wormwood, and any other ‘binding’ herbs of your choice
  5. A black onyx stone
  6. A safety pin
  7. Straight pins
  8. Pen and paper
  9. A red flannel bag large enough to hold the poppet and black ribbon to tie it shut
  10. Cemetery dirt (optional, but highly suggested)

You’re going to make a black poppet, a dolly representing the individual who is spreading malicious gossip and lies about you. And if you think you can’t sew, think again. If you can thread a needle and sew a stitch, you can make a poppet.

  • Double your material and cut out a rough rudimentary human shape. This will give you the front and back of your poppet. You can draw this figure on a sheet of paper first, cutting this out and using it as a guide, if you wish.
  • Sew the two pieces of cloth together, but don’t sew it entirely closed until you have added the herbs, the stone, cemetery dirt, a photograph of your target, a name paper, or other personal effects from this individual. Fill the dolly with cotton balls to flesh it out, then you can either leave a safety pin in the side, so you can reopen it to add something once in a while, or you can finish sewing it shut.
  • Ideally, you will have a photo of this person that you can print off and cut out to fit the face of the poppet. Glue or pin it on the dolly and then stick straight pins through the mouth, slowly, with intention, talking to the image if you wish, telling them just what you think of their falsehoods and innuendos. 
  • You can create a blindfold for the eyes by cutting out a small strip of material and tying it around the dollies head, so they’ll be blinded in their ambition to destroy your reputation and good name. 

As a devious, devilish finale, you can plant this dolly head first in a flowerpot full of cemetery dirt, leaving the legs sticking straight in the air; perhaps growing a nice lush binding herb around it, such as wormwood.

I’ll bet this spell will make most people think twice about spreading gossip and tarnishing someone’s good reputation. This spell contains the cringe factor. I can almost hear Karma sigh with finality and the gray witch giggle in delight.

(2) Seal the Mouth Spell

This spell works very much on the premise of the previous spell, only we’re not going to use a poppet, we’re going to use an enlarged photo of our target.

For this spell, cast the circle widdershins (counterclockwise) for dark magic, being sure to call the quarters to stand guard.

Items needed:

  1. A photo of your target, enlarged so that it will be easy to work with, 8X10” works best
  2. Sewing needle and black thread
  3. Goofer Dust
  4. Black candle
  5. Cloves
  6. Banishing Oil or Commanding Oil, depending upon your intentions

Hidden away in a darkened room, by the flickering light of candles, including the black spell candle, oiled and dressed with Goofer Dust and cloves, burning with intention and magic; you will take up the photo of the target and, dipping your fingertip in oil, anoint the picture with the banishing pentagrams of earth, air, fire, and water.

Across this photograph, in the witches’ alphabet, write:

“I do seal your mouth and silence your voice, 
So you shall hear The dark angels rejoice.”

Take up the needle and thread, and very carefully sew the target’s mouth shut, chanting the spell as you sew, ranting and throwing curses towards this person. Watch the eyes of the target in the photograph, you may see a dawning change come over them– a sense of panic or ‘knowing’ that comes through the image. It’s as though the individual has a sudden realization of what is happening to them.

You can do a couple of things with the photo:

  • You can set the photo on your altar near the cauldron while the candle burns itself out, talking to the image, chanting to it, watching the glow of the flames play across the face. Then bury the remnants of the candle left in the cauldron, and keep the photograph where you can pull it out from time to time for use in other spells towards this target, or when you just want to ‘bother’ it a bit, giving the target no rest.
  • The alternative is that you can chant the spell until the energy builds, and then set this photograph alight by the flame of the black candle, allowing it all to burn itself out. Bury everything in the cauldron, candle remnants as well as the ashes from the photo, off your property.

You might as well have the target’s tongue hanging from a hook– they will no longer be able to speak ill of you, to spread lies and gossip about you, or to harass you with their speech in any way.

(3) Cat’s Got Your Tongue Spell

You have to find out if someone is telling you the truth, or if they are lying to you. This spell will do just that.

Items needed:

  1. A candle, the color of which will suit your situation– green for money/business issues, red for relationships, or white to cover anything else
  2. Herbs of your choice, to suit your situation– mint for money or business, rose petals for relationships, and sage to cover anything else
  3. Several strands of different colored thread and string
  4. The hair from a cat, just a snippet will do
  5. A small red flannel bag to hold it all, and make sure this bag is small enough to fit in your pockets
  6. Prepare your space, dress the candle and light it– and some incense as well. I can’t do anything without a bit of incense going, it clears the way.

As the candle flickers and burns, take the thread and strings, dropping them in a delightful colored heap before you, tossing them gleefully, as you would toss a salad, deliberately tangling them, chanting the entire time:

“Oh, what a tangled web you weave, 
When you deliberately choose to deceive.”

When the energy is raised and released, the candle burned down, and your chanting has stopped; place the candle wax, the tangled string, and the cat’s hair in a small red flannel bag.

Carry this bag on your person, in your pocket, as you go to finish what you’ve started. Confront the target then, asking them the question for which you seek an honest answer. If this individual is telling you the truth, their words will be clear and strong; if they are lying to you they will stutter, sputter, slur their words and fall over their own tongue…because the cat will have it.

(4) Keep my Secret

Did you go and tell someone your deepest darkest secret, and now you’re afraid they are going to spill the beans? Have no fear, you can make them keep it.

Items needed:

  1. An enlarged photo of your target
  2. Parchment paper and pen
  3. Scissors and glue
  4. Candles, incense, and oils of your choosing

First, create your sacred space, setting the mood. How inspiring to work by the flickering flames of magical candles, with the essence of your favorite incense spicing the air.

On the parchment paper, write out the secret that must be kept. If this can be set to paper in just a few short words, write small and cut it out. You’re going to take this piece of paper and glue it onto the photo, over the mouth of your target. If your secret requires a lot of writing, perhaps even the whole page, you will glue the entire page over the photograph of your target, virtually smothering them with the secret and freezing the knowledge in place– it will go no further.

Allow the glue to dry, then place this photo in a safe place where it will remain undisturbed for as long as the secret must be kept. If the day comes when silence is no longer necessary, take the photo from its hiding place, burn it in the flame of a white candle, and scatter the ashes to the wind, effectively releasing the target from their bond of silence.

(5) Liar Come to Light Spell

Are you involved in a social situation, or perhaps a business transaction, with a group of people, and you think that someone may be lying to you? You’re not sure, you don’t have proof– just a feeling, and you have to know. If this is the situation you find yourself in, this is your spell.

Items needed:

  1. A white votive candle
  2. Eight straight pins
  3. A sheet of paper and pen
  • Draw a dividing line on the paper, right through the center. On one side of this paper, write ‘yes’; on the other side of the paper, write ‘no’. 
  • Take the candle, and about one inch from the top, begin inserting the straight pins. Continue placing these pins around the candle an equal distance from each other and at the same level.
  • Place this candle in the center of the paper, so that it’s situated on the line you drew. Half of the candle will be over the positive side of the paper (yes), and the other half of this candle will be over the negative side of this paper (no).
  • Light the candle and prepare to settle in to watch the flame. 
  • As you do this, you may become very relaxed, even entering an alpha state; and you could be surprised at the psychic revelations revealed. However, don’t become so relaxed or distracted that you forget to watch the candle. 

The first needle to fall will give you your answer…yes or no.

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