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Tarot Insights taped on 8-11-2018

Creations by Isabella

Pendants ~

The Enchanted Glass Collection

Pendant #2


Pendant #3

Pendant #4


Pendant #6


Mystical Goddess Energy
The Sacred Tree
The apple tree is the sacred tree of the Goddess, and her energy is captured in these two beautiful creations of 

Bohemian Wall Art 

by Nebraska Artist, Anne Turrell.  Her wood-of-choice for the pieces seen here, of course, the Sacred Apple Tree.
You'll find more of her work at her website:
Dream Catcher
This dream catcher features a selenite stone
as the centerpiece and is 28 inches in length.


By Earth, by Air, by Fire, by Water...
by Spirit
This piece features a Copper-Wrapped Crystal Quartz Point,
and is 35 inches in length.