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HOODOO POPPETS ~ Purchase Here


Purchase your poppet using the drop-down menu and choosing the color.  They are available in black, red, and green.  



  • Red Poppets... for love and passion

  • Green Poppets... for health and healing, also for money and material abundance

  • Black Poppets... for protection, binding, hexing

Poppets available @ The Witch's Corner:

Traditional poppets in Black (for justice, retribution, and binding); Green (health, healing, and prosperity); Red (love & passion, friendship, and relationships). These poppets are created with twigs and bamboo from my own trees and nature; colored yarn; feathers; ribbons and such. They are filled with magickal herbs and written intentions. Because these hoodoo dollies are all created individually, by hand, there may be slight individual differences in the product.

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