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Let the Magick Find You

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I'm delighted to add this new product to the magickal emporium here at The Witch's Corner!  I'm having a blast both creating-- and burning!-- my own incense.  As I develop new blends, I'll be adding them to this page. 

These incenses, though sold individually here, will be offered in the future as part of an "Enchanted Jewelry Magickal Spell Box", which is in production as we speak and will be posted on the Enchanted Jewelry page when ready.  I also want to note that I'm still tweaking the labels!  This is s fun artistic creative side to developing new merchandise, and I'm playing around with various mediums and styles.  So, note that the incenses shown are labeled, but I may update this label at some point.

 #1 Love

Romantic Love ~ Self-Love ~ Positive Energy


This is an incense blend to inspire love on a variety of levels.  Romantic love, yes, but it's energy goes beyond that, encompassing so much more, to a whole new scope of self-love and acceptance .  This incense is full of positive bright energy to fill your space with a higher vibration conducive to LOVE in so many areas of life.

 #2 Meditation


My meditation incense will fill your space with peaceful calm vibrations, preparing the way for you to ascend to new heights of self-awareness and spiritual connections.

 #3 Cleansing/Purifying


My cleansing/purifying incense will sweep your space clean of negative energies and lower vibrations.  This incense is filled with herbs to clear and cleanse.  It's filled with herbs to draw in positive energy, creating an environment of inspiration, clarification, and peace.

Almost everything that takes place in our house takes place around the kitchen table, including incense making.  My girls, off camera, were having a blast sniffing and sampling the new incense aromas.  Each new addition to the cauldron brought another round of ooh's and ahhh's.

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