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Pagan Holidays ~ Lammas (aka Lughnasadgh)

May be an image of sky and text that says 'Hapopy Lammas BLESSED is THE GODDESS. BLESSED is THE GOD. BLESSED iS THE GRAIN & THE TINY SEDPO'

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Magickal Curios

The Voodoo Kit

This box of enchantment contains:

1.  a wee voodoo dollie

2.  candles

3.  sea salt

4.  cemetery dirt

5.  straight pins

6.  coffin nails

7.  a small bottle of uncrossing oil

8.  incense

The Voodoo Kit



The incense (3 cones) are not shown in this photo.

Coffin Nails

 Coffin nails are used in creating spells.  #pagan #wicca #witchcraft #celtic #druid #tarot Coffin Nails (Set of 5) $1.95

6 coffin nails


6 coffin nails & 6 Straight Pins


Fairy Lamps

Height ~ 12 inches


 Zen Gardens

Includes ~ Rake, Sand, Rocks, & Garden Tray
4 X 10.5 inches


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