SURPRISE!... There will be TWO new books coming out this year!
My focus right now is on writing and editing and writing some more.
Blessings, Amythyst

The CANDLE ALTAR SERVICES and TAROT READINGS will still be available during this time,
but other merchandise has been temporarily suspended.

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Magickal Curios

The Voodoo Kit

This box of enchantment contains:

1.  a wee voodoo dollie

2.  candles

3.  sea salt

4.  cemetery dirt

5.  straight pins

6.  coffin nails

7.  a small bottle of uncrossing oil

8.  incense

The Voodoo Kit



The incense (3 cones) are not shown in this photo.

Coffin Nails

 Coffin nails are used in creating spells.  #pagan #wicca #witchcraft #celtic #druid #tarot Coffin Nails (Set of 5) $1.95

6 coffin nails


6 coffin nails & 6 Straight Pins


Fairy Lamps

Height ~ 12 inches


 Zen Gardens

Includes ~ Rake, Sand, Rocks, & Garden Tray
4 X 10.5 inches


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