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Mojo Bags

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 Yes!  I'm shipping my merchandise internationally once again. 
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   Mojo Bags
The magick of the mojo bag can be yours.  The ancient practice of combining spell ingredients for particular intentions in small bags and pouches is an ancient one, and a magick that has proved particularly powerful. Mojo bags can be carried in your purse or pocket, tucked beneath your pillow, worn from a cord or chain around your neck, or even hidden in an enemy's personal space.  Depending on its intention, you'll know what to do with your bag, or the best place to keep it.  Choose the intention for your mojo bag from the drop-down menu found below.
The following Mojo Bags are available. 
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Love ~ $15.99
Health ~ $15.99
Money ~ $15.99
Hexing ~ $15.99


Mojo Bags

 If you would like me to create a mojo bag unique to you and your situation, make your purchase with the paypal widget below, and email me with the information about your particular intention:
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