We've settled in beautiful Casa Grande, Arizona. It's an inspiring location for magickal, metaphysical, and psychic growth. I'm delighted to be working from this location to make a Magickal Connection with you!
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Let the Magick Find You

Let the Magick Find You

The Witch's Corner

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Mojo Bags

  Mojo Bags

The magick of the mojo bag can be yours.  The ancient practice of combining spell ingredients for particular intentions in small bags and pouches is an ancient one, and a magick that has proved particularly powerful. Mojo bags can be carried in your purse or pocket, tucked beneath your pillow, worn from a cord or chain around your neck, or even hidden in an enemy's personal space.  Depending on its intention, you'll know what to do with your bag, or the best place to keep it.  

A Mojo Bag to Protect
Your Front Door

Beware the energy that would enter here, either in human form and bundled with emotions, scattered energy, or even deceit; or the energy of unseen ethereal spirits searching for an easy entrance into your personal space.


A Mojo Bag for Your Car
Safe Travel

Keep all those who ride inside this vehicle safe, both the driver and the passengers.  May you be surrounded by the silver light of protection, guarded by the spirits of the earth, and air, fire, and water.  

(Add a snip of hair from your head and from anyone who rides in this vehicle on a regular basis)


Court Case Mojo Bag
For a Favorable Outcome

May the white light of justice surround you; may the universe reveal what's true; may Spirit shine on you with a favorable outcome; may the scales of justice be tipped in your direction.


A Mojo Bag for Dreams
Remembering Dreams/
Keeping Nightmares Away

May the messages coming to you in your dreams from your guides, from loved one's who have passed, and from the universe at large be revealed to you.  Learn from them, grow with them, embrace, them, remember them.  May nightmares be kept at bay, may the dark spirits and energies that ride the wind at night be barred from your space and from your dreams.



The following Mojo Bags are available. 
Choose which Mojo Bag you would like to
purchase using the Drop-Down Paypal Widget.

Love ~ $15.99

Health ~ $15.99

Money ~ $15.99

Hexing ~ $15.99

Click on the arrow to choose your bag:

Mojo Bags

 If you would like me to create a mojo bag unique to you and your situation, make your purchase with the paypal widget below, and email me with the information about your particular intention:


Please type MOJO BAG in the subject line so you don't get lost in the inbox.

Personal Mojo Bag

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