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Sales/Special Offers/Backstock

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The following items are merchandise I've discovered going through The Witch's Corner cupboards. These items are still available, some in limited numbers:

Incense Burners

(5 available)

Use the drop-down menu to choose the bottle you want:


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Pet Poppets

 Do you have a pet who is missing?  Do you have a sick pet that needs healing?  Do you have a pet that needs protection?... These cloth poppets are created to do all of these things.  They're created so that you can add personal concerns (like hair, nail clippings; claw sheddings; etc.); they're created so that you can add herbs, stones, or other items to link this poppet with your intention.
 Colors are blue, purple, orange, light green, dark green.

Use the drop-down menus to purchase your pet poppet ~

Dog Pet Poppet


Dog Pet Poppet/Colors

Cat Pet Poppet


Cat Pet Poppet/Colors

Elemental Altar

Elemental Altars from The Witch's Corner will include:

1)  4 votive candle holders, one for each of the 4 elements
2)  a tray that will hold all four candles
3)  Stones to fill the tray
4) 4 elemental votive candles: green, yellow, red, blue

Elemental Altar