Spell Bags

Spell Bags

Spell bags contain the items and ingredients you need to Cast Your Own Spells!  Be it for love or revenge, for healing, prosperity, or to tap into the elemental energies.  The magick is yours.  The spell bags below will contain the items you need to cast your own spells, to move energy, to create your own magick.

Note:  the photo above shows some of the actual merchandise included in The Witch's Corner spell bags.  The bags themselves will vary, depending upon what I've created, or what I've purchased from other vendors.  The poppets included in these spell bags are the sweet little dollies you see below.


Elemental Spell Bags

Elemental Spell Bags contain the following items: 1) The Queen's Oil connected to the element; 2) a white taper candle; 3) incense... and a physical item connected to each individual element ~ a bag of blessed cemetery dirt for EARTH; feathers for AIR; seashells for WATER; matches for FIRE.

Earth Bag ~

Magick connected to the physical realm, the body, healing; magick connected to money and finance; magick connected to physical fertility and physical manifestation.

Queen of Pentacles

Air Bag ~

Magick connected to communication, creativity, and ideas; magick connected to thought and words and eloquence; magick connected to influence and sometimes control.

Queen of Swords


Fire Bag ~

Magick connected to business, finance, and contracts; magick connected to passion and drive and ambition; magick connected to clearing, cleansing, and purging.

Queen of Wands


Water Bag ~

Magick connected to intuition, dreams, clairvoyance, second-sight; magick connected to relationships and love; magick connected to emotions, balance, and sometimes mental issues.

Queen of Cups

Mini-Poppet Spell Bags

 The Mini-Poppet Spell Bags contain:  1)  the poppet; 2) a white taper candle; 3) incense; 4) straight pins (which can be used to attach personal concerns to your poppet, such as a name-paper, a photo, a scrap of material from clothing, etc.).  Of course, you may have your own ideas for using the straight pins.

Love ~


Money ~


Healing ~


Hexing ~


Deluxe Mini-Poppet Spell Bags

Deluxe Mini-Poppet Spell Bags contain:
all the ingredients included in the mini-poppet spells bags above above plus a magickal oil.

Love ~ includes Love Oil

Money ~ includes Money Oil

Healing ~ includes Uncrossing Oil

Hexing ~ includes Commanding Oil

Spell Bags for Life's
Special Needs

The following spell bags are geared to help you take care of life's little problems when all mundane attempts have failed.  These spell bags will contain: 1) a poppet; 2) a white taper candle; 3) incense; 4) magickal herbs and or oils (or a combo) for the intention; 5) straight pins.

Shut Your Mouth

Targets liars and gossip.

Make Him Go

Banishes the problematic individual in your life,
you know, the one who just won't go away.

Monster Mother-in-Law Fix

Binds your mother-in-law, both her words and her actions.

Less Talk, More Sex

Stirs up and ignites sexual passion.

Less Sex, More Talk

Tones down the physical passion, and
 paves the way for clearer communication.

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