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Candle Altar Services

Single Candle Vigil

 Three Candle Vigil

 Here's the Who, What, Where, How of it All

1.  What kind of candle will I use for this service?

I use a variety of candles, usually a votive, which burns completely in just a few hours and leaves a nice amount of wax to add to a mojo bag; sometimes I use a glass enclosed candle if the situation calls for energy to build over several days; and occasionally I will use a taper or a pillar candle. 

2.  What happens when your candle is set and lit?

You'll receive a photo of your candle(s) on the day it's lit. This is verification for you that your spell candle has been dressed and fixed, and is now working for you. (Note ~ be sure to include an email address with your purchase so that I can email the photo to you.) 

3.  What happens after your candle has burned down?

Once your spell candle has burned down, I will gather remnants from the vigil ~ the candle wax, including the herbs, flowers, coins, or other items used and your petition paper, and I'll create a mojo bag for you with these ingredients.  Your mojo bag will be mailed to you.  You can then keep this powerful talisman in a safe secret place to keep the energy moving toward a positive outcome.  (Note ~ be sure to include a physical address with your purchase.)

4.  What is candle magick?

Candle magick is very simple spell work to aid in achieving a desired goal.  Depending upon your request, your circumstances, and the desired outcome, the color of the candle will be very important, as well as the herbs and oils used.  All candles for the candle vigils will be personally dressed by me for you and your particular situation.  They will be blessed and charged for their special intention.  Also, I'm offering the option of burning more than one candle for a petition.  If you wish, you can purchase a Triple Candle Vigil, and I will burn each candle back to back, in succession, one after the other.

5. What will you need to give me?...Information

After you've purchased your candle spell, let me know in a brief note what you need, what is the desired results from this spell, and any other pertinent information, so that I can prepare a petition paper to place beneath your candle.  It's very important for you to type CANDLE VIGIL in the subject line to insure a prompt response.

Included in your peitition paper should be the following ~

     A.  What is the situation related to?, health prosperity, etc.
     B.  What do you want the final outcome to be?
     C.  Include your birthdate or zodiac sun sign, as well as the birth dates and sun signs of any other individuals involved in your petition.
My email:

(Note ~ Be sure to include your email address and your physical address, so I can email the photo of your candle at the beginning of the spell, and I can mail the mojo bag to you when your candle spell is complete.)


  1. Hi my name is Selicia I want to know if you can do a spell for my daughter and brother they have felony charges my daughter go to court on the 14th and my brother on the 27th and he's locked up at the moment

  2. To purchase a candle vigil and mojo bag, follow the instructions on this page.


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