Herbal Candle Magick!

Triple the magick with a set of 3 candles that have been dressed and rolled in specific herbs and herbal combinations for a variety of intentions. 

Set your triple candle vigil in motion
with this set of 3 candles in 3 sizes.

The following candles and their intentions are available:

1. Court Case

2. Evil Eye/repels negative magick

3. Stop Gossip

4. Love/Romance

5. Blessings/to bring peace & harmony

6. Reconciliation

7. Fidelity

8. Money Draw

9. Health

10. Divination/to enhance psychism, inspires dreams & omens

11. Cleansing

What are your intentions?... Choose your intentions and leave this info in the box provided when you place your order, or email me after you've placed your order at and let me know.

Triple Herbal Candle Set

Note:  Candles rolled in herbs can take off burning pretty dramatically when the herbs catch fire, so be extra cautious when burning these candles.  Make sure they are in a fireproof receptacle and never leave a burning candle unattended!

The following candles are Tea Light Chakra Candles loaded with Essential Oils; Herbs; Crystals & Stones.  These candles are $3.00 a piece, sold in bundles of 3 or 6.

 Chakra Candles

#1 Crown Chakra

 3 Candles

6 Candles


Connect with The Divine
on a higher spiritual plane. 
Open yourself to a heightened
spiritual awareness, a personal
relationship with divinity.
See beyond the mundane
world, work through emotional
issues, arrive at enlightenment.

I connect with my
higher self.
I connect with the Divine.

#2 Brow Chakra

3 Candles

6 Candles


Discover your sixth sense.
Become acquainted with
your inner voice.

See what’s hidden.
Hear that which calls upon
the seer.  Know that which
is secret knowledge.

Find your gift,
and grow.

I have learned to see
beyond the physical world.
I have learned the language
of my spirit guide.

#3 Throat Chakra

3 Candles

6 Candles

Find your voice
and the power that
it wields.

Discover communication
through releasing
inner doubt and

Strength lay in the
power of my words.
They flow freely from
my thoughts, through
my lips.

#4 Heart Chakra

3 Candles

6 Candles


Connect with your emotions
and your capacity for love
and self-love.
Open your heart to
life's infinite possibilities
and the healing power of
emotional well-being.

I love myself and
give my love freely
to those who deserve it.

#5 Solar Plexus

3 Candles

6 Candles

Solar Plexus

Discover the strength
of your will, and the
power inherent within
your being.

Enhance your ability
to handle whatever, and
whomever, life throws
your way.

I find solace in my
own strength and fortitude.
I can. I will. I do.
I am strong.
I am able.

#6 Sacral Chakra

3 Candles

6 Candles

Sacral Chakra

 I will celebrate the fertility
within myself, both physical
and creative.

I will celebrate and
honor my sexuality.

I will explore and experience
the joy of my body with
unfettered celebration.

I am beautiful and desirable.
I immerse myself boldly and
fearlessly in my human sexuality.

#7 Root Chakra

3 Candles

6 Candles

Root Chakra

 Unleash your ability to meet your
needs with independence and joy.

Remove obstacles to success
and good fortune.

Embrace material gain with
enthusiasm and confidence.

I honor the survivor in me.
I embrace my independence.
I honor my strength.
I honor the warrior within.

Cleansing & Purification

(large pillar)


*Note ~ These large purification candles are layered in herbs, and when these herbs catch fire, these candles burn fast and furiously. Never leave any candle burning unattended, but also take the extra precaution with these candles of burning them in strong fire-proof container.


Magickal Connections
(Blog Posts on Candle Magick)

Herbal Spell Candles– Use Caution When Burning


  1. Hello, Visitors! I received a question about love candles (and the Witch's Bottle, Drawing in Love) that I'm going to answer anonymously here-- it was a good question!

    "Can I use the love candles and witch's bottles sold here to draw in a PARTICULAR person?"...the answer is "YES!".

    I know this is frowned upon by some people as interfering with the free will of another, and it slides into the gray area of magickal practice and all the debates and hoopla that go with it. But I believe that each person is responsible for their own decisions, and if it's one particular person that you wish to target for your spell, so be it, that is your business.'s really pretty simple. For candles, if you're using one of the glass enclosed candles, as shown above, simply write your targets name on a piece of paper, fold it up, and place it beneath the candle. You can do the same for the Witch's Bottle, unless it's a bottle that opens, and then you can place the piece of paper directly in the bottle and recap it.

    If you're using a regular wax candle, simply carve the target's name and your name into the candle, working from the bottom of the candle, up the side, toward the wick.

    Much luck with your love magick!


  2. Do we have to do anything with the bottle or just keep it?
    I still cannot believe the things you have told me on your readings! how would a stranger know such details that I did not even share with close friends and family?

    It would be a great experience to meet you in person!

    Thank you

  3. Keep the bottle in a safe place. If it's a romantic love you're drawing in, the bedroom would seem like a perfect spot (I'd place it beneath the bed). Do you want to add a little extra "oomph" to the spell?....sit the bottle on a plate, sprinkle a little Ginger around the bottle to "speed things up", and then personalize can add "personal concerns" that belong to the target to the plate if you are so lucky as to have some (a strand of hair, fingernail clippings, a napkin that's been used by the target, a button from their clothing, dirt gathered from their foot-print left on the ground, etc.) Be creative.

  4. I'm so glad to have made such a strong connection! I'm delighted that you're so happy with your readings, and I think it would be cool to meet you too! Have fun with your magick...because it is fun and exciting, you know. I like to tell people that "Witchcraft is a Hoot."

    For other people coming upon these comments, be sure to check out the page for "Witch's Bottles", you'll find it in the menu at the top of this page.

  5. Do we have to burn the candle continuously?

    Thank you

  6. No! These tall glass enclosed candles are a vigil candle. They'll burn over the course of 5-7 days. Only burn spell candles like this when you are going to be home and can attend them. At night when you go to bed, or if you leave your house, SNUFF them out (don't BLOW a spell candle out). You can use a small glass, or a regular candle snuffer, or a flat plate, just something to smother the flame. When you're ready to re-light your spell candle, go for it. Some people like to speak and repeat their intention when re-lighting the candle.