We've settled in beautiful Casa Grande, Arizona. It's an inspiring location for magickal, metaphysical, and psychic growth. I'm delighted to be working from this location to make a Magickal Connection with you!
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May your visit leave you calm, mystified,
enlightened, bewitched, and inspired.

Let the Magick Find You

Let the Magick Find You

The Witch's Corner

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Mystery & Magick


There is everything you will need in these jars to cast
these spells, including the directions.

(click on the images to make them BIGGER)

Front & Back ~ The jars have a 14 inch diameter.

 "Calling in the Spirits"
Black Cat Summoning Spell

At Magickal Connections ~ This spell is #5 on this page:


Seal the Mouth Spell

At Magickal Connections ~ This spell is #2 on this page:


*Note ~ You will have to provide the personal photo,
or the name-paper, for your target.

Money ~ Keep it Flowing

At Magickal Connections ~ This spell is #3 on this page:



  1. I have UI claims court on July 1 2019. I was notified on June 28 of this. Whats a list of spells to pick from on such short notice

    1. Search my blog, http://wytchymystique.com
      There's an online Book of Shadows at this blog. The links will be in the right column.