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Yes! I'm shipping my merchandise internationally once again. 
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Blessings, Amythyst
The Witch's Corner


Enchanted Jewelry

I recommend with all of my enchanted jewelry that you burn a candle the first time you wear your new piece.  This applies your own energy & specific intentions to the spell.

Red Candles:  love and passion
Green Candles:  prosperity and health
Blue Candles:  emotions, psychism, visions, the goddess
Yellow Candles:  communication and mental endeavors
Black  Candles:  protection, exorcism

Note:  a White candle can take the place of any
 other color, covering all energies and intentions.
 My personal preference is a white tea candle.

Jewelry at The Witch's Corner is enchanted for health, prosperity (money), love, personal empowerment, goddess energy, protection, and uncrossing crossed conditions.

Specify which enchantment you'd like cast on your piece when you place your order.  If there's a very specific personal energy or enchantment that you are in need of, email me, and be sure to type ENCHANTED JEWELRY in the subject line:

There's information on the energies of specific crystals at the bottom of THIS PAGE.

It's titled:

Magick of the Stones

Crystal Point 
Pendant Earrings

Watermelon Tourmaline ~ $18.99


Amethyst ~ $18.99

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Malachite ~ $18.99



Clear Quartz ~ $18.99



 These earrings are beautiful, dainty, genuine semiprecious stones.  No two pairs of earrings will be identical, nor will any two stones within one pair.  This is part of their uniqueness.