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Blessings, Amythyst

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Enchanted Jewelry

I recommend with all of my enchanted jewelry that you burn a candle the first time you wear your new piece.  This applies your own energy & specific intentions to the spell.

Red Candles:  love and passion
Green Candles:  prosperity and health
Blue Candles:  emotions, psychism, visions, the goddess
Yellow Candles:  communication and mental endeavors
Black  Candles:  protection, exorcism

Note:  a White candle can take the place of any
 other color, covering all energies and intentions.
 My personal preference is a white tea candle.

Jewelry at The Witch's Corner is enchanted for health, prosperity (money), love, personal empowerment, goddess energy, protection, and uncrossing crossed conditions.

Specify which enchantment you'd like cast on your piece when you place your order.  If there's a very specific personal energy or enchantment that you are in need of, email me, and be sure to type ENCHANTED JEWELRY in the subject line:


 Enchanted Jewelry Kits

These special boxes include:
1.  Your enchanted jewelry
2.  A bottle of magickal oil
3. One tea candle
4.  Three incense cones

The Enchanted Jewelry Kits adds an extra $16.00 to your purchase.

Be sure to specify in the space available for Buyer's Instructions what the enchantment is you want for your piece of jewelry ~ love, money, healing, protection, or something else uniquely personal.  You can also email me with your intentions at


Stone & Crystal Point
Pendant Earrings

Watermelon Tourmaline ~ $18.99



Watermelon Tourmaline ~ Enchanted Jewelry Kit


Correspondences for Watermelon Tourmaline
Chakra:  heart
Number:  2
Zodiac sign:  Gemini, Virgo
Beneficial for:  love, tenderness, friendship, emotional dysfunction, old pain, depression, fear, inner security, stress, relaxation, wisdom, compassion, emotional pain, destructive feelings.
Carrying the generic properties of pink tourmaline and verdelite, watermelon tourmaline is beneficial for relationships because it assists you in recognizing old agreements and life purpose.  Helping to find the shift in situations no matter how dire, this pink enfolded in green stone is a super-activator for the heart chakra, healing it and linking it to the higher self.  Teaching patience, tact, and diplomacy, it assists in understanding situations and clearly expressing intentions.  Extremely beneficial for wounded healers, watermelon tourmaline dissolves any resistance there may be to becoming whole once more.

Amethyst ~ $18.99


Correspondences for Amethyst
Chakra:  third eye, crown
Number:  3
Zodiac sign:  Aquarius, Pisces
Planet:  Jupiter, Neptune
Beneficial for:  physical, emotional,, and psychological pain, decision making, recurrent nightmares, protection against thieves, anger, rage, fear, anxiety, grief, dreams, alcoholism, addictions.
Amethyst derives from the Greek for "to be intoxicated" and was worn to prevent drunkenness.  Promoting love of the divine, amethyst encourages selflessness and spiritual wisdom.  Opening multidimensional awareness, it enhances metaphysical ability and is an excellent stone for meditation and scrying.  Sleeping with amethyst facilitates out-of-body experiences, helps dream recall and assists visualization.  It guards against psychic attack, transmuting it into love.  A natural tranquilizer, amethyst blocks geopathic stress and negative environmental energies.  Harmonizing the physical, mental, and emotional bodies and linking them to the spiritual, it purifies the aura.  Amethyst is helpful for people about to make the transition through death and supports coming to terms with loss.  This stone has a sobering effect on overindulgence and overcomes addictions.  Beneficial to the mind, it calms or stimulates as appropriate, helping one to feel more focused, assisting assimilation of new ideas, and connecting cause with effect.  Amethyst enhances memory and improves motivation.  This stone balances emotional highs and lows.

Malachite ~ $18.99


Malachite ~ Enchanted Jewelry Kit

Correspondences for Malachite
Chakra:  heart
Number:  9
Zodiac sign:  Scorpio, Capricorn
Planet:  Venus
Beneficial for:  transformation, psychosexual problems, inhibitions, rebirthing, shyness.
Malachite is named from the Greek for "mallow", a green herbaceous plant.  Reputed to protect against the Evil Eye, witchcraft, and evil spirits, this stone is a powerful cleanser for the emotional body, releasing past-life or childhood trauma, but is best used by a qualified healer.  Life is lived more intensely under the influence of Malachite, a powerful energy conduit.  It mercilessly shows what is blocking your spiritual growth, drawing out deep feelings and psychosomatic causes, breaking unwanted ties and outworn patterns, and teaching how to take responsibility for your actions, thoughts, and feelings.  An important protection stone, malachite absorbs negative energy from the body.  Malachite has a strong affinity with devic forces and heals the earth.  Malachite can be used for scrying or to access other worlds, inner or outer.  Journeying through malachite's convoluted patterns assists in receiving insights from the subconscious or messages from the future.

Clear Quartz ~ $18.99


Clear Quartz ~ Enchanted Jewelry Kit

Correspondences for Clear Quartz
Chakra:  harmonizes all 7 chakras & aligns the aura
Number:  4
Zodiac sign:  all 12 signs
Planet:  Sun, Moon
Beneficial for:  energy enhancement
Although the Greeks called quartz "krystallos", meaning "ice", the name may be Germanic in origin.  Prized for millennia as a worker of magic and a potent shamanic tool, Native Americans call it the brain cells of Grandmother Earth.  Containing every color, clear quartz works on multidimensional levels of being.  Generating electromagnetism and dispelling static electricity, it is an extremely powerful healing and energy amplifier.  Absorbing, storing, releasing, and regulating energy, a quartz crystal, when held, doubles your biomagnetic field, and acupuncture needles coated in quartz increase efficacy by 10 percent.  Working at a vibrational level attuned to specific requirements of the user, quartz takes energy to the most perfect state possible, before the disease set in, acting as a deep soul cleanser, and connects the physical dimension with the mind.  Working like a cosmic computer, quartz stores information and has the ability to dissolve karmic seeds.  It enhances metaphysical abilities and attunes to spiritual purpose. 
 These earrings are beautiful, dainty, genuine semiprecious stones.  No two pairs of earrings will be identical, nor will any two stones within one pair.  This is part of their uniqueness.