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For Love ~ For Money ~ For Health ~ For Protection

Let the Magick Find You

Let the Magick Find You

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Enchanted Jewelry

I recommend with all of my enchanted jewelry that you burn a candle the first time you wear your new piece.  This applies your own energy & specific intentions to the spell.

Red Candles:  love and passion
Green Candles:  prosperity and health
Blue Candles:  emotions, psychism, visions, the goddess
Yellow Candles:  communication and mental endeavors
Black  Candles:  protection, exorcism

Note:  a White candle can take the place of any
 other color, covering all energies and intentions.
 My personal preference is a white tea candle.

Jewelry at The Witch's Corner is enchanted for health, prosperity (money), love, personal empowerment, goddess energy, protection, and uncrossing crossed conditions.

Specify which enchantment you'd like cast on your piece when you place your order.  If there's a very specific personal energy or enchantment that you are in need of, email me, and be sure to type ENCHANTED JEWELRY in the subject line:


Fairy Rings

 Jewelry enchanted with fairy energy.
These rings are silver tone with cubic zirconia.

Ring #2

SIZE 6 ~ click on the image to enlarge



Ring #3

SIZE 8 ~ click on the image to enlarge


Ring #5

SIZE 7 ~ click on image to enlarge


Size 6 ~ Solid Sterling Silver
Four Stones:  black onyx, garnet, amethyst, moonstone

Enchanted Jewelry~
"Magick of the Four Winds"

This ring is enchanted to bring love,
luck, self-empowerment, and protection.



Set in Stainless Steel ~ size: ajustable

Mood Rings



These are Genuine Semi-Precious Stones set in
beautiful solidly made Sterling Silver plated settings.

Opal Aura Quartz Rings

Ring #7
Opal Aura Quartz

Size 7



 Amethyst Rings

Sold Out!

Prehnite Rings

Ring #3

Size 8.25


Ring #5

Size 8


Unakite Rings

 Ring #4

Size 9


Rose Quartz Rings

 Ring #1 
Rose Quartz

Size 8


 Agate Rings

(New merchandise will be
added in the near future.)


  1. Will any of the jewelry pieces be enchanted with anything specific?

    1. Absolutely! This website is still a work in progress, and I have new merchandise coming in to get up. I'll be working on a post with more information about enchantments in the near future. Until then, if you order a piece and would like me to place a blessing or enchantment on it, there is an option in Paypal for the buyer to leave instructions to the seller. I believe it's a small box in the upper right corner that you will see at Paypal during your transaction.

  2. Yes!...I'm posting that information now.