Enchanted Jewelry

 Enchanted Jewelry

I recommend with all of my enchanted jewelry that you burn a candle the first time you wear your new piece.  This applies your own energy & specific intentions to the spell.
Red Candles:  love and passion
Green Candles:  prosperity and health
Blue Candles:  emotions, psychism, visions, the goddess
Yellow Candles:  communication and mental endeavors
Black  Candles:  protection, exorcism

Note:  a White candle can take the place of any
other color, covering all energies and intentions.
My personal preference is a white tea candle.

Jewelry at The Witch's Corner is enchanted for health, prosperity (money), love, personal empowerment, goddess energy, protection, and uncrossing crossed conditions.

Specify which enchantment you'd like cast on your piece when you place your order.  If there's a very specific personal energy or enchantment that you are in need of, email me, and be sure to type ENCHANTED JEWELRY in the subject line:



Enchantments in Progress ~



Enchanted Jewelry Kits

These kits are a wonderful option for magickal enchantment of your very special piece of jewelry, see the instructions for purchasing below.

These special boxes include:
1.  Your enchanted jewelry
2.  A bottle of magickal oil
3. One tea candle
4.  Three incense cones

The Enchanted Jewelry Kits adds $16.00 to your purchase.

Be sure to specify in the space available for Buyer's Instructions what the enchantment is you want for your piece of jewelry ~ love, money, healing, protection, or something else uniquely personal.  You can also email me with your intentions at witch_of_endore@yahoo.com

Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Can I have my jewelry resized without disrupting the enchantment?

You most certainly can have your piece resized, and this would be necessary if you needed to adjust the fit for a ring.  However, I would ask the jeweler not to try the piece on-- you don't have to tell him/her precisely why-- simply that it's just very personal to you.  Also, when you get your newly adjusted jewelry home, you will want to cleanse it of the energies it may have picked up while it was away.

You can do this with a variety of methods:

1)  Hold the piece under running water and gently dry with a soft cloth.
2)  Take the piece through incense smoke, making sure it's well smudged.  You can use sandalwood incense.
3)  Allow the piece to lay exposed to the moonlight overnight, or at least for a couple of hours.  You can do this by placing it on a windowsill, if this is possible.
4)  Place this piece of jewelry on a pentacle and sprinkle it with salt-- preferably sea salt.

2.  Can I wear more than one piece of enchanted jewelry at a time?

You most certainly can, and I most certainly do.  I choose my jewelry with enchantments very carefully, coming up with combinations that I feel I need and want in the moment, and it's not unusual for me to change my jewelry at some point during the day, feeling the need for a different energy.  I suppose my husband has become use to this habit, which may seem strange to people unfamiliar with crystal magick, spells, and enchantments.

I've never had any problems with conflicting energies.  In the long run, the magick flows in harmony.

3.  My enchanted jewelry doesn't seem to be working, why?

There's one ingredient absolutely necessary when working with occult magick...Belief.  In the movie "Skeleton Key", the characters kept stressing the fact that it won't work if you don't believe.  And this is a mighty fact.

Magick and enchantments work by the movement of energy, and any negative energy, which includes your thoughts or the thoughts of those around you-- like doubt and skepticism, block the natural flow of this energy.

All belief systems seem to stress "faith"...and in the world of the witch, this attribute is an absolute necessity for successful practice of The Craft.

You have to believe.

4.  How long will the enchantment last, and is it directed at just one person?

I don't place a time limit on the enchantment.

I enchant my jewelry, or place a blessing/spell upon it, that is not made or measured by time as we view it.  And the enchantment is not directed at any one particular person, but at the piece of jewelry itself.  The enchantment will last for as long as the jewelry exists, and this magick can be passed on to whomever you wish by passing on the jewelry.  It is magick and enchantment coming full circle.

All of my Enchanted Jewelry is consecrated with the four Elements:
Earth, Air, Fire, & Water

Note:  The information on semi-precious stones comes from a variety of sources, including Judy Hall's book, "The Encyclopedia of Crystals".  There are a few places where I disagreed with some of the correspondences, or uses for particular stones, and I have tweaked this information to fit my own practices and experience with the stones.

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